3 Ways To Get Rid Of Belly Fat

Male and Female Abdominal Body Fat %

I had a former client e-mail me this morning saying she wanted to know how to get rid of belly fat. This is a touchy subject because this is where a lot of your confidence comes from. If you have a flat stomach you’re happy, if not then every time you look in the mirror… Read More »

Don’t Let These 30 Weight Training Myths Ruin Your Results

Weight Training Myths - Arnold Swole

  There are hundreds of weight training myths circulating around both the gym and the web. I’m going to be the one to dispel these myths and give you the truth straight up. It’s time for you to know the facts. Weight Training Myths – The List  This is a list of weight training myths that I… Read More »

4 Simple Upper Body Weight Lifting Routines To Pack On Muscle

Weight Lifting Routine - Arnold Flexing Bicep

  You want a weight lifting routine that has your chest and biceps popping out of your shirt. You’ve tried lots of programs before and none of them are giving you the results you want. Whether it was the routine or the follow through that was the problem, it’s time you get the results you… Read More »

Four Mistakes You Can’t Make When Learning How Build Muscle Size

A while ago you didn’t really know how to build muscle size the right way. But now you know exactly what it takes. You’re resting your body enough, eating right and it’s showing in your results. There’s no more of that putting on muscle too quickly then having to get rid of the fat that… Read More »

You Can Easily Lift More With These 3 Weight Training Fundamentals

 There are a few weight training fundamentals you can follow to improve your workouts. So learn some of the basics and get the most out of your workouts. Weight Training Fundamentals – Warming Up The Muscles   One of the weight training fundamentals that should never be forgotten is warming up. It doesn’t take a… Read More »

8 Steps To Choosing The Most Effective Work Out Supplements

Work Out Supplements - Aisle Full Of Supplement Shelves

  Work out supplements are a fairly new science in the world today. The problem today is that everyone is trying to come out with the new miracle supplement and a lot of this is unregulated. Don’t just hop on the bandwagon of any new supplement that comes out. Educate yourself on what you’re buying… Read More »

The Answers Revealed. What Is Protein?

What Is Protein - Healthy Sources Of Protein

You want to know what is protein, how much you need and the different types. Well you may be surprised to know that you don’t have to eat mounds of it every day to build muscle. But it wouldn’t hurt to consume a little extra here and there if you’re trying to put on muscle.… Read More »

What Are Carbs You Ask? They’re Not As Bad As You Think

What Are Carbs - The Word Carbs Formed With Foods

What are carbs? A lot of people ask themselves and can’t really come up with a good explanation. They don’t really know what they are and why your muscles need them especially when working out. Learn why all these no carb diets will leave you too gassed to even finish your warmup sets.   What… Read More »

Eight Benefits Of Pre Workout Supplements, 7 Types And When To Use Them

Pre Workout Supplements - NO-Xplode

  You’ve downed one of your pre workout supplements and are pumped and ready to go. You know that you have the energy to get through your workout and then some. By the time you’ve finished your normal workout you still have some energy left in the tank so you put up a few more reps.… Read More »

I’m Serious When I Say Not All Fats Are Bad

Not All Fats Are Bad - Healthy Sources

  Not all fats are bad but you may not know that. Of course the fats you eat from fast food restaurants are bad for you but what about the ones from nuts and fish? Those are some of the ones that you actually need and can help with cardiovascular health as well as other… Read More »

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